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Builders or End of Lease Cleans

Ok it's finally time to move out of that old office that has served you for the last ten years into that fab new place on the main street. Whether you're coming or going let us look after all your cleaning needs. 
builders or end of lease cleansVibrant Australia can do a top to bottom detail clean of your old premises with big discounts provided to sites which we currently service. We will clean every area that we can, as per your request. Walls, kitchens, bathrooms, carpet cleaning and even windows if required. 
We can also look after builders cleans or just a simple pre clean before you move into your new site.

Don't forget to get a quote on servicing the new site. Remember in addition to your normal cleaning we can bundle regular servicing for: Washroom, Pest, Matting, Carpet Cleaning, Glass Cleaning and servicing your First Aid Kit. One contract, one monthly invoice.
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  • 2ply_jumbo_toilet_rolls_95cmx300m
  • black_carbage_bags
  • simple_green_concentrate_lemon_heavy_duty_cleaner
  • simple_green_concentrated_carpet_cleaner
  • simple_green_paint_prep_mould_and_mildew_cleaner
  • simple_green_pro_grade_carpet_cleaner
  • simple_green_pro_grade_glass_cleaner
  • simple_green_pro_grade_heavy_duty_cleaner
  • simple_green_pro_grade_metal_cleaner_and_polish