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Medical Centres require specialist cleaning to reduce the risk of cross contamination and in turn reduce the spread of germs. The use of hospital strength disinfectants and colour coding of mops and cloths goes a long way to reducing this transference.

medical 2At Vibrant Australia we have practices in place to not only produce a clean that looks great but is also safe to touch.

Vibrant can also bundle together in your contract: sanitary servicing, glass cleaning, carpet cleaning, pest control and matting. These can then all be paid in one simple weekly or monthly payment. Insert Gov policy for clinical cleans.

  • 1000_white_medium_bags_510x650
  • 2ply_jumbo_toilet_rolls_95cmx300m
  • black_carbage_bags
  • simple_green_concentrate_lemon_heavy_duty_cleaner
  • simple_green_concentrated_carpet_cleaner
  • simple_green_paint_prep_mould_and_mildew_cleaner
  • simple_green_pro_grade_carpet_cleaner
  • simple_green_pro_grade_glass_cleaner
  • simple_green_pro_grade_heavy_duty_cleaner
  • simple_green_pro_grade_metal_cleaner_and_polish