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Office & Commercial

office and commercialVibrant Australia will work with you to construct a cleaning regime to suit your individual requirements.

All office environments are different. The number of staff, the frequency of visitors and the overall image of the company all dictate the frequency and standard of cleaning required.

We are happy to work with you to create a schedule of service that best suits your needs and budget.

We can also take care of many of the extras such as Glass Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning and Sanitary Provisions and structure an annual cleaning service with equal monthly payments.

Pest control can also be bundled into this monthly payment

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  • 2ply_jumbo_toilet_rolls_95cmx300m
  • black_carbage_bags
  • simple_green_concentrate_lemon_heavy_duty_cleaner
  • simple_green_concentrated_carpet_cleaner
  • simple_green_paint_prep_mould_and_mildew_cleaner
  • simple_green_pro_grade_carpet_cleaner
  • simple_green_pro_grade_glass_cleaner
  • simple_green_pro_grade_heavy_duty_cleaner
  • simple_green_pro_grade_metal_cleaner_and_polish