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gymAfter a long hard day it's great to head off to the gym to wind down. Building up a sweat on the bike you notice the same cobweb in the corner of the window that you watched last week, you move to the Lat Pull Down machine and placing your drink on the floor you notice a spill that looks a lot the one you made yesterday then off to the shower there behind the bin is that soap wrapper that almost gave you three points yesterday.

All little things but they should be fixed daily.

Gym cleaning requires a lot of attention to detail, especially in bathrooms where there is high humidity and things can go from ok to ugly in a day. 

Vibrant cleans many gyms in the greater metropolitan area and takes pride in offering a service that reflects the needs of each gym.

  • 1000_white_medium_bags_510x650
  • 2ply_jumbo_toilet_rolls_95cmx300m
  • black_carbage_bags
  • simple_green_concentrate_lemon_heavy_duty_cleaner
  • simple_green_concentrated_carpet_cleaner
  • simple_green_paint_prep_mould_and_mildew_cleaner
  • simple_green_pro_grade_carpet_cleaner
  • simple_green_pro_grade_glass_cleaner
  • simple_green_pro_grade_heavy_duty_cleaner
  • simple_green_pro_grade_metal_cleaner_and_polish